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Leather Jewelry

  • bracelets
  • necklaces
  • etc.

Prices from 25 EUR


  • Placemats
  • Coasters for bottles, glasses, cups
  • etc.
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Prices upon request

Office and Business Goods

  • Portfolios
  • Folders
  • Family books
  • etc.

Prices upon request

Kollektion verschiedener Artikel. Restaurierter Sattel, Scabbard, Trinkflasche, Satteltaschen und ein Deckel eines Saxophonkoffers.

Custom Belts

Made to measure belts for absolutely every application are available here.

Whether it is a simple fashion belt, work belt, a belt for a fine suit or whatever the purpose may be, the belt is hand made especially for you and made of premium leather.

Simple belts are available from 49 EUR

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  • Biker Wallets
  • Roper Wallets
  • Trucker Wallets
  • Purses
  • Gents Wallets

Prices from 150 EUR

Custom Household Goods

You determine what your placemats, coasters etc. will look like. They will be made by our artisian to your specifications. Shape and tooling patterns are almost unlimited.

Whether family crests, brand names, individual logos or graphics, your imagination has no limit.

Of course, quite simple variants are also possible.

  • 100% premium leather
  • Only full grain leather
  • Colors:
    • black
    • brown
    • nature
    • your choice

    If your desired color is possible, this will be realized. Please ask.

    Prices vary due to effort and pre-costs.

    General Information

    All items on the pages:

    will be shipped world wide. When asking for a quote include your shipping address please. We will line out the exact shipping costs on our quote.

    We are using DHL as a shipping provider in general.

    We're sorry not all services are available beyond our borders. If you're interested in dressage or jumping saddles made by Custom Saddlery we'll gladly refer you to a colleague in your area. This is also partly the reason why we haven't translated the whole page into English.