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Signature Steffen's Advantage Monoflap

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Extra soft, supple cowhide on the skirts and flaps with extra grippy tactile cowhide on the seat and rolls.


  • Features mono flap design with deep generous seat for close contact
  • Deep seat and slightly tapered cantle puts you in the right position, providing comfort for your back and damping the bounce of your ride
  • Narrow twist is appealing to a variety of body shapes
  • Anatomically correct wood spring tree with open pommel is excellent for average to high withered horses
  • Long or short external knee rolls gently guide your legs with comfort, control and perfect balance, which gives you the best communication between you and your horse
  • Sattelkissen mit 100% Naturwolle gepolstert
  • Inklusive Sattelschoner
Steffen's Advantage Monoflap

Zusätzliche Info

  • Sitzgröße: 17"/ 17.5"/ 18"/ 18.5"
  • Sattelblattgröße: Petite 15"/ Standard 16"/ Long 17"/ Extra Long 17.5"
  • Ab 2.695€
  • Buffalo, Vienna, Memal, Smooth Oiled
  • Pauschen: M5


  • Schwarz
  • Braun

Keder- und Nahtfarben

  • Schwarz
  • Grau
  • London